Fluor Natural Resources Manager in Williamsburg, Virginia

Job Description:

Ensure all land-related activities comply with Government regulations, including The Integrated Natural Resources Plan. Included in this function will be a full range of management duties including, but not limited to the following:

•Develop policies and procedures to manage environmental resources

• Document agricultural and wildlife actives in accordance with federal and state regulations

• Maintain, draft, and update the Government’s Wildlife Management Regulatory Handbook

• Maintain liaison with federal, state, and local government natural resources and archeological representatives

• Perform timber management/clearing in compliance with The Integrated Natural Resources Plan and the Government’s Forestry Management Plan

• Oversee and implement the forestry, land, and wildlife management program execution and field work as directed by the Government

• Plan, recommend, inspect, and execute annual timber sales in coordination with the Government

• Manage the planning and execution of agricultural plantings, acreage mowing and prescribed burning

• Perform soil tests in accordance with scientific standards

• Collect, organize, and publish research data on Base game and non-game wildlife

• Implement and research projects in coordination with the Government such as deer spotlight survey, quail call routes, mast and fisheries surveys

• Participate in endangered species co-op meetings with federal and state agencies

• Oversee the maintenance of deer stands and water fowl blinds including procurement and replacement items

• Remove nuisance animals from occupied areas

• Burn Government fields and understory in coordination with the GTM

• Initiate burn permits for controlled burns by notifying the Government Environment Safety Officer and fire department at least one week prior to burn event

• Manage game tagging and animal carcass removal

• Assist in the development and day-to-day operations of the annual hunting program

• Oversee the protection and proper stewardship of Base wetlands and threatened/endangered animals and plant species

• Perform erosion and sedimentation inspections of construction sites

• Prepare reports on field work activities and accomplishments

• Provide technical recommendations and consultations on natural resource issues

• Coordinate planned agricultural and wildlife activities to limit impact on training or conferences

• Oversee maintenance and accessibility of Government deer and water fowl stands

• Manage, replace or remove dying trees

Job ID: 106222BR

City: Williamsburg

State: Virginia

Country: United States

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