Fluor Deputy Program Manager in Williamsburg, Virginia

Job Description:

The DPM shall assist in the overall executive management and oversight of the Integrated Support Services Contract. Included in these functions will be a full range of management duties including, but not limited to the following:

•Ensure services are delivered and requirements met, in accordance with the SOW.

•Support other key management personnel in their responsibilities and ensure they manage in line with relevant statutory, security, environmental, health, and compliance requirements.

•Develop working knowledge of the various contractor department operations to include quality assurance and Program Management Plans

•Develop familiarity with Government provided Conference Event Management Systems (CEMS) software and hold all staff accountable for forecasting level of support needed for upcoming events

•Maintain a professional Contractor staff, and for ensuring that the Contractor staff follows established Government training protocols, policies, directives, and procedures at all times.

•Communicate effectively with, US Government employees and departments to accomplish tasks and requirements. The Deputy Program Manager shall promote a customer friendly environment to support operations at all levels.

•Report all contractual issues and/or discrepancies to the COTR, or other US Government designee, immediately, within a 24 hour period. The Deputy Program Manager shall seek concurrence/approval on issues that require US Government oversight before moving forward with action.

•Ensure all requirements and services are delivered to a high quality, which responds to the needs of the customer, while ensuring service providers’ needs are met, in accordance with applicable statues and industry best management practices.

•Be responsible for managing a team of business finance, planning, and contracts professional staff ensuring contractual compliance, cost management, budget development and analysis, financial estimating, configuration management, and proposal support

•Ensure that projects are completed on schedule following established procedures, schedules, and work plans

•Be aware that erroneous decisions, recommendations, or failure to achieve results might cause delays in program schedules and result in the allocation of more resources

Job ID: 106144BR

City: Williamsburg

State: Virginia

Country: United States

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