Title: (NEX NORFOLK)-WAREHOUSE WORKER-PACKAGE STORE Location: United States-Virginia-Norfolk Job Number: 180000SH

Job Summary: Assists in performing various tasks in connection with the receipt, storing and shipping of overshipped, damaged merchandise, etc.; assists in preparing chargebacks and processing same. Duties and Responsibilities: Assists warehouse workers in the chargeback area performing the following duties:

Receives from Exchange location stores overshipped and/or damaged merchandise with merchandise transfers and/or other documents. Logs in transfer number, vendor name and date received. Unpacks, checks and verifies items with vendor against appropriate documents for accuracy of identification, number of items, model numbers, prices, etc. Assists in preparing chargeback form (SS/105) indicating description, quantity, unit, unit control, reason for return etc. Removes price tags, places identified stock/items in temporary storage location; determines action to be taken on returned merchandise; prepares merchandise for shipment to manufacturer, seals, weighs and labels merchandise. Assigns control number; prepares request for information and forwards to procurement for disposition of merchandise to vendor/manufacturer. Receives merchandise with accompanying chargebacks from vendor. Completes appropriate forms, verifying merchandise and price. Stamps and returns to location stores for resale or pickup by patron, etc. Receives return authorization (RA) from vendor/manufacturer for return of damaged/overshipped/shipped in error merchandise. Checks RA against merchandise control sheet for style number, quantity, etc., following established procedures. Occassionally operates material handling equipment. Supervisor makes assignments and gives detailed oral instructions on new or changed operations and changes from standard procedures. Routine work is accomplished according to specific oral or written instructions and established methods. Work is reviewed for accuracy, and to ensure that specific instructions are being followed. PHYSICAL EFFORT: Performs work on hard surfaces and in work areas that require standing, stooping, bending and working in tiring and uncomfortable positions; may lift and carry supplies and materials up to 70 pounds; and over 70 pounds with assistance. WORKING CONDITIONS: Work is performed inside a warehouse in bin rooms, or other assigned areas. The areas may be cold, drafty, damp, or hot. Is exposed to injury from falling stock, from handling materials and from mechanical equipment. Performs other related duties as assigned. Qualifications: GENERAL EXPERIENCE: Twelve months experience performing warehousing related duties, such as receiving, storing, shipping, chargebacks, etc. or similar work that provided the knowledge and skills to perform the duties of the position. SUBSTITUTION OF EDUCATION FOR EXPERIENCE: One year of high school education may be substituted for 3 months of experience up to a High School Diploma or GED for 12 months of experience. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Performs work on a hard surface and in work areas that require you to walk, stoop, bend, and work in uncomfortable positions for a long period of time. May lift and carry supplies and materials weighing up to 70 lbs and sometimes over 70 lbs with assistance. The areas may be cold, drafty, damp, or hot. May be exposed to injury from falling stock from handling materials and from mechanical equipment.